girl in glory, rising

a brown bridge stares across a wide koi pond

brimming with blushing copper pennies, and

pulling the sun down between the

green-gold ripples on the water’s surface.

honey-pink bellies float, soft and feathered, just beneath.

the wildflower skyline braces the warm brown mountains,

tipping golden hands toward the sun-stained tops

and something soft moves in the rosy wind as

brown-haired girls float in the air, running with

fast-beating hearts in a copper-yellow field.

one of them cuts across the grass,

her wide feet swimming above the hard-packed dirt as she flies.

her bright blushing cheeks shine in the golden light,

melting the sunny freckles on her nose as she

bowls through the soft rose wind.

she is

girl in glory, rising

pressing gold between the shallow waves.

she points her body toward the sun,

and lets the light peel the shrunken words from her soft, honey chest;

golden leaves sprout from her open hands,

crowning beneath her fingernails as she

tips her honey hands toward the shining mountain tops.

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